Wasteland Crow Project #1 Winner: Allen Rountree (#59)!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Note From Google


I received an e-mail from Google this morning informing me that they believe this raffle constitutes gambling, and therefore they will deactivate my account in five days if I do not remove the Google Checkout feature we are currently using.  Never fear, however, for I have a backup plan!  It isn't as easy and convenient, but I also have an account with a reliable, safe, and secure company called GPal that functions exactly like PayPal, except the fine folks at GunPal like guns, knives, and raffles.  I will leave the Google Checkout option up for another day or so, and of course everyone who has purchased tickets through Google Checkout already has nothing to fear.  For those who have not yet purchased tickets, or wish to purchase more, simply go to GPal and register, then verify your bank account just like you did with PayPal and send your payment to noah.webmaster@gmail.com

Tickets are, of course, still $2 a piece, so you'll have to add it up for how many tickets you want.  Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone!  Google apparently doesn't support the apocalypse!

The Google Checkout option has now been removed, and GPal will be the official financial transfer provider for the Wasteland Crow Raffle from this point forward.  Thank you!

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